Tips for Freshman Year of College

Tips for Freshman Year of College

Congratulations! Starting college is a huge step for your future. You’ll meet completely new people, learn your way around a new place, and even find out a lot of new […]

College Application Tips

-October 31, 2017 Congratulations, you are pushing through the college application season! Many of you may be submitting your applications early, if not, that is totally okay and we have […]

Resume Formatting

Once you have all your information written out and feel confident about the quality, it’s time to take care of the smaller details. Formatting can be tricky because you may […]

Tips for Writing a Professional Email

Summer is here, which means that it’s internship season! It’s important to review some guidelines to consider when writing a professional email before you begin connecting with people from your […]

It’s time to build your resume!

Before you begin writing your resume, decide on which format you will be using. Follow these steps to help build your resume! Gathering your personal and employment information This is […]