School Partners

School Partners

First Workings currently serves 12 high schools across NYC -including the Bronx, Harlem, and downtown Manhattan. We focus on students coming from underserved and underrepresented communities who have enormous potential. First Workings firmly believes that strong relationships with school leadership and college counselors help ensure we reach the appropriate students and fully understand and support their needs. Our work wouldn’t be possible without our incredible school partners. Below is the list of schools we partner with:

  • Democracy Prep Charter High School
  • Democracy Prep Bronx Prep High School
  • Democracy Prep Harlem High School
  • Democracy Prep Endurance High School
  • Democracy Prep Harlem Prep High School
  • Harlem Village Academies High School (HVA)
  • KIPP NYC College Prep High School
  • Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS)
  • Manhattan Village Academy
  • New Visions Advanced Math & Science (AMS)
  • New Visions Advanced Math & Science II (AMS II)
  • New Visions Humanities (HUM)

    School Partnership Structure

    Interested in becoming a First Workings Partner School?

    Fill out the form below to contact First Workings about partnering with us. Since the application period for the summer program begins in November, we typically finalize our School Partnerships by late October for the following Summer.