Internship Partners

Internship Partners

Relationships are everything at First Workings. We partner closely with companies, schools, and sponsors to provide an incredibly supportive and enriching experience for our young people.

Internship and Mentorship Partners

Join First Workings in its mission to help our students gain social capital and workplace readiness skills through paid internships and virtual mentorships. Commit to hosting an intern for two weeks this summer, or join our community of mentors!


What our Internship Partners are Saying

Paid Summer Internships & Virtual Mentorships

Join us in expanding our interns’ horizons by becoming a First Workings Internship Partner. We partner with companies across various industries to provide our young people with incredible summer internship opportunities. Here’s what a First Workings internship entails:

  • Companies are matched with interns who have expressed an interest in their industry/ career
  • Companies pay interns minimum wage for the two-week internship period
  • Internships can be structured as:
    • immersion in a single area or rotations in multiple departments and roles
    • learning through shadowing and/or project-based work
  • Interns are exposed to professional work environment and a typical working day
  • Interns have the opportunity to meet with an executive at conclusion of the internship
  • Companies have the choice to extend the internship period beyond 2 weeks, if desired

Another way corporate partners can engage with First Workings students is through our virtual summer mentorship program, which was put in place as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. Mentors have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with First Workings students, provide insights into their professional careers, while promoting their industry and work to a talented group of diverse students.

  • Mentors are matched with interns who have expressed an interest in their industry or career
  • Mentors commit to three meetings over the course of three months, June, July and August
  • First Workings Provides Mentorship Structure and Resources:
    • June: SMART Goal Setting
    • July: College and Career Pathways
    • August: Mock Interviewing
  • Students earn a stipend of up to $500
  • Corporate Partners have the opportunity to sponsor a student stipend, if they choose


  • Fresh perspectives that young and diverse talent can offer
  • Opportunities for mentorship
  • Opportunities to enhance diversity
  • The chance to impact a young person’s life

For more information about becoming a First Workings Internship or Mentorship Partner, or about partnering with First Workings in other ways, fill out the form below or contact Linda Nguyen at [email protected] or 646.619.1207.