Our Team

Our Team

Kevin Davis

Founder and Chairman

Kevin Davis is the Founder and Chairman of First Workings. Originally from London, Mr. Davis graduated from the University of Kent at Canterbury, (UK) with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Government and was awarded an MA in International Relations from NYU in 2011. Mr. Davis ran one of the world’s largest listed derivatives brokerages, Man Financial, and retiring after a quarter of a century in London’s City and New York City’s Wall Street. Mr. Davis is an adjunct professor at NYU’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Linda Nguyen

Executive Director

[email protected]

Linda Nguyen is the Executive Director at First Workings. As a native New Yorker and first-generation American born to immigrant parents, social capital has been at the center of her professional and personal success. She is passionate about serving her community and impacting people’s lives. With over a decade of experience in corporate America and non-profit, she has progressed from television, to technology and advertising, to workforce development non-profit. Linda earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from City College, CUNY. 

Natalie Figueroa

Program Manager

[email protected]

Natalie Figueroa is the Program Manager at First Workings. As a person who has been brought up in the Bronx, and proud Puerto Rican household, the mission to fill the gap for those of underserved communities like her own has been a life-long mission. Natalie is passionate about supporting those in need and bringing out the best in people. With years of experience working closely with the youth, she’s ready to continue providing the necessary tools for young people to succeed. She has a background in publishing, theater, writing, dance, and is in pursuit of her Masters in Public Relations. Natalie earned her Bachelor of Arts in English, Sociology, and a minor in Theater from City College, CUNY.

Our Board

Chloe Mullarkey, First Workings

Eyal Shemesh, M.D., Mount Sinai

Jeff A. Lipsitz, Cortec Group

Kevin R. Davis, First Workings

LisaMarie Collins, Mintz

Ralph Johnson, Democracy Prep Schools

Susie M. Davis, First Workings

Zack Klion, Tiger Global

Michael Krupa, Gemdale USA

Candice Richards, MidOcean Partners

Our Advisory Board

Chloe Leavitt, HATCh

Fernando Warden, Jr., Morgan Stanley

Samantha Longlade, Tradeweb

Interested in joining our Advisory Board?

The First Workings Advisory Board is made up of a group of dynamic young professionals who advise First Workings in their areas of expertise to deepen community and corporate relationships, increase brand awareness, and help improve and expand the impact of First Workings.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Linda at [email protected].

To apply, please click here: Advisory Board Application