College Application Tips

College Application Tips

-October 31, 2017

Congratulations, you are pushing through the college application season! Many of you may be submitting your applications early, if not, that is totally okay and we have put together some helpful tips for you. Remember to take time for yourself as the next few months can be extremely stressful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!

  1. Highlight your FW Experience
    • Tie in your work experience on your resume
    • Ask your internship supervisors for a letter of recommendation or overall advice
    • Reflect on your internship in short answer questions or essay
    • Reach out to people who have attended schools you are applying to
  2. Set early deadlines
    You are taking many risks if you wait until the list minute to collect and submit application materials

    • You can’t predict website technical difficulties, mailing issues, or any situations that may arise with who you asked for a recommendation
    • Consider submitting your application early when admissions doesn’t have hundreds of others to read.
    • Ex: Create a different deadline for your teacher/counselor recommendation forms so they are finished several weeks before they are actually due.
  3. It’s not too late to visit a campus!
    • Colleges take note of students who have attended open houses,tours, or online webinars
    • Demonstrating your interest will make you a stronger applicant

    *You still have time to make an initial or second trip to your college of interest

  4. Be flexible
    • Be open to changes within your application
    • Be flexible with your essay and don’t get too attached to particular sentences or words
    • It is normal for your application to go through significant changesduring this process
  5. Proofread!
    • Spelling, grammatical, and syntactical errors may lead admission counselors to question how much time and effort you spent on your application
    • Make sure you are updating the college’s name within the application
    • The extra time you spend re-reading and editing will make a huge difference
  6. Be honest
    • Don’t lie or exaggerate your accomplishment on your college applications
    • Embellishing the truth will hurt you later on and admissions counselors do have the ability to verify the your information you provide
    • It is okay to have assistance during this process but you should be the only one filling out your application
  7. Keep copies of everything
    • Keep copies of your application, recommendation letters, essay, and any other materials you are submitting
    • You don’t know if something will be lost in transit or if you will need them in the future
  8. Scholarships
    • Use websites like,,,and other sites to track down scholarships
    • Even if you are granted some financial aid, it will only help you to look for scholarship opportunities