First Workings
“The best part of my internship was making lasting connections with people at the company and getting a first hand look into the business world. I previously had little to […] Read more

“I was sincerely honored to have worked with First Workings this summer. The best part of my internship was getting to know executives and conducting informational interviews. I was excited […] Read more

“The best part of the internship was that the people at Hart Pictures encouraged me to strive and complete my project to the best of my ability. Even though I […] Read more

“Whenever I think about First Workings, they’re just the luckiest break I ever caught. All the lessons that I’ve learned I’m still reaping the benefits from, even in college now. […] Read more

“Before heading into First Workings, I felt like I was a really shy girl. I didn’t know how to present myself to the professional world. Because of First Workings, I was […] Read more

“First Workings was an experience I’ll never forget and it’s something that has stuck with me, especially the networking that we did. This experience was wonderful, it’s something that changed […] Read more

“First Workings definitely gave me the confidence to believe in myself and really push me to be a business student and that’s something I really enjoyed. It seems that now […] Read more

“The best part of my internship would have to be helping translate a Korean court case. I’m really passionate about the Korean language and culture and I felt that my […] Read more

Looking back on it, I thought I was doing First Workings a favor. But it turns out that having First Workings as part of our summer, really, did us a […] CEO from Doyle Fund Management Read more

It was refreshing to have high school students so engaged and attentive, and willing to work hard. Supervisor from RAND Engineering Read more