Staying Positive and Productive During COVID

Staying Positive and Productive During COVID

It’s easy to get lost in the news and become disoriented in these quick-changing times. We know you might feel really anxious and confused and we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. While it’s important to stay home and keep our distance from others in order to protect our communities, we also have to take care of bodies and minds. Here are some steps you can take to alleviate stress, stay productive, and stay positive. 

Stay aware of your news consumption.

These days, the news can be quite a downer. Plus, checking the news and worrying more than you have to won’t help the situation go away. In order to keep your mental health in check, only check the news once or twice a day. A great way to maintain this practice is to set an alarm for checking the news or set a use limit on your phone for apps like News or Twitter. If you are in NYC, you can text COVID to 692-692 in order to get NYC-specific updates sent to your phone. (This resource can also send text updates in Spanish!) This way, you won’t have to check the news at all. If you’re not in NYC, Google’s COVID-19 site can be very useful as a one-stop shop for a wide variety of information and news. 

Take care of your body.

The best way to ensure that you can still get your school work done right is by taking care of your bodily needs first. You’ll be able to think a lot better if you are eating right and getting enough sleep. Taking care of your body can take many forms. The most important things are to get the necessary nutrients from your food, keep your regular sleep schedule, and maintain personal hygiene. A plus would be getting exercise while at home. It might help you sleep better and help you work off anxiety. Here are some ways to find free online workout resources!

  • Search YouTube for free yoga tutorials. All you need is your body weight and a soft surface!
  • Planet Fitness is live streaming workouts from their Facebook page everyday!
  • Have a dance party with your friends on video chat! 305 Fitness offers free dance workouts on their YouTube page!

Make a schedule.

When everything changes so fast, one of the best things you can do to stay on track is sticking to a schedule. This will not only help you keep up with work, but also help you remember to take care of yourself and maintain your mental health. Scroll down to the end of this blog post to see our example schedule for homeschooling. You can use this as a starting point to make one that fits your personal needs!

Stay connected with friends and family.

Thankfully, today we have the means to contact others in a few seconds. We know that staying at home in order to keep your communities healthy can feel extremely isolating. But, there’s no need to completely write off socializing. Making an effort to talk to friends will be great for your mental health during these times. Here’s a list of ways to socialize from home!

  • Use facetime or other video conferencing tools!
  • Use Netflix Party to watch movies with those you can’t be close to right now
  • Calling instead of texting: sometimes it’s better to hear each other’s voices!

Cut yourself some (extra) slack!

We know how fast this big change came about. It can be very disorienting and nerve-wracking, so we have to remember to give ourselves a break and be patient with ourselves. It’s okay to ask for an extension on an assignment, ask to be alone for a while, or just give yourself time to process your feelings. It’s completely normal and natural to have some extra anxiety right now. We’re all dealing with this in our different ways, but we have to remember that we aren’t doing this alone. It’s completely normal and natural to have some extra anxiety right now. Here are some resources you can use if you are feeling overwhelmed. 

  • If you are in NYC, NYCWell is available for text, online chat, or phone calls
  • The Calm App offers free guided meditation meant to help you manage a whole host of problems you might be facing with mental health. Other apps like this include HeadSpace and Inscape.

Make time to unwind!

Remember that while we may have a lot of extra time on our hands, you don’t always have to be productive right now. It’s important to make time to unwind and just have fun. It will help us keep positive and laugh a little. Here are some fun things to do at home:

  • Try a new recipe
  • Listen to music or try a new podcast
  • Make some art: writing, drawing, graphic design (Canva is free!)
  • Write about how you’re feeling in a daily journal
  • Play a some games like card games, board games or multiplayer video games
  • Learn a Tik Tok dance
  • Go for a walk and get some fresh air

Additional Resources

With many others buying in bulk, it can be more difficult to find the things we need. First Workings has listed some food resources for those in need in the Bronx and Harlem on our Instagram account. 

These coming weeks can be especially difficult for students and their families. That’s why Scholly launched their COVID-19 Student Relief Fund. The application takes just a few minutes.