Let the Internship Search Begin

Let the Internship Search Begin

Spring semester is already halfway over which means it’s time to seriously start thinking about your plans for this summer. Internships during college are crucial for your professional experience and learning development. A study found that students who had paid internships in college had a 72% chance of receiving a job offer, compared to 44% of interns who were unpaid. Surprisingly, this is comparable to not having any internship experience at all, these young people were 34% likely to receive a job offer. This study shows the importance of having a paid internship over an unpaid work experience. Most websites have a “paid” search feature – make sure you click that. Check out the list below for tips on where to start your Internship Search.

You should have a completed resume before you begin looking for internships. Make sure you’ve had at least one person review your resume.

1. Online Resources

The number of websites that offer internship postings can be overwhelming. It’s easier to go on specific websites rather than Google searching for positions. Below are some helpful and well established websites:

  •  internships.com make an account and search for internships based on your major, job category, city, and company
  • idealist.com this is the perfect website for you if you know you would like to work at a nonprofit organization
  • Linkedin is a great way to build your professional networks, research companies, and look for positions.
  • Wayup is a great site that includes listings solely for college students and recent college graduates

2. Career Services at your School

Most colleges have a Career Service Office where trained professionals can assist you through resume writing, applying for internships, and job searching before graduation. This department is helpful because they often reach out through your college’s Alumni Network. Professionals are immediately interested if they come across a qualified applicant from their Alma Marter. Also, contact your career office about career/internship fairs.

3. Professors and college faculty

Professors and college faculty can connect you with people outside of the university and a research position. Summer break is the time when college faculty conduct research and they’re usually looking for interns.

4. Professional network

Reach out to your professional network, especially those from your First Workings Internship, about your internship search. Your professional network can always help you out!

5. First Workings

Lastly, always remember that you can reach out to the First Workings Team for help. We can help you through the Internship Process by reading your resume/cover letters and possibly putting you in touch with someone that could be of assistance.