How to Prepare for the First Day of a New Internship

How to Prepare for the First Day of a New Internship

The first day of a new internship seems like an insurmountable challenge. But, if you take some simple steps in preparation for the big day, you’ll have a much more productive and positive experience.

  • Plan your transportation route the night before. 

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead, especially since you are likely navigating to a new location on your first day. If you run through your plan the night before and have it saved in your phone, you’ll be able to get there on time and get through any unexpected obstacles in your commute.

  • Do your research

We know you already did your research for your interview. But, it helps to do some more before you go in for your first day. This research can include more about the company culture, what the first day of your specific role might include, and how to navigate introductions with higher-ups. It’s always best to know what to expect!

  • Ask questions!

Internships are learning experiences. The best way to get acclimated more quickly and get to work faster is to ask questions. If you need clarification, elaboration, or a simple repetition, just ask. That is the way you’ll get the most out of your internship.

  • Things to bring with you
    • Identification: Security may ask you for ID before allowing you to enter your new work building. It also might be necessary for tax forms or getting a new ID card for the building.
    • Pen and paper: Many workplaces would obviously provide these types of office supplies. But, just in case, you should bring something to write down some notes on. The first day will always leave you with a bunch of new things to remember such as passwords and email addresses.
    • A nice lunch and snacks: It’s important to give your body fuel to keep you going throughout the day. Especially on a day where you’ll run into a lot of new things very quickly, it’s best to pack one of your favorites for lunch so you can look forward to it and hopefully relieve some stress.

At the end of the day, make sure to reward yourself. The first day is always nerve-wracking, but if you end it with positive reinforcement, you can become more and more comfortable at your new internship!