Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Program Manager –

The mission of the Program Manager is to effectively execute the First Workings Summer Internship program from school and student recruitment, professional skills training to internship placement. They will work closely with the three person First Workings team to plan, design, execute, assess and analyze all aspects of the program to incorporate key learning for the following programmatic year. The Program Manager acts as an ambassador of First Workings by inviting schools to participate and recruiting students to apply for the summer program. The Program Manager employs strong customer service when actively communicating with schools and students. Throughout the summer program, Program Managers advocate for students’ success and celebrate their accomplishments all while updating school partners on a regular basis. Program Managers model the highest level of professionalism when facilitating student facing skills workshops both virtually and in person. 

We expect our students to show initiative, excellence, positive attitude, to be curious, to be a learner, to be on time, prepared, and demonstrate a solid work ethic and professionalism. We expect nothing less from our team.

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The First Workings Advisory Board is made up of a group of dynamic young professionals who advise First Workings in their areas of expertise to deepen community and corporate relationships, increase brand awareness, and help improve and expand the impact of First Workings.

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